hey!! i'm so glad
you're here!! 

I'm erin!! Your wedding planner + real life exclamation point!

Before I can share your story with the world, it's only fair that I share some of mine!! 


I'm a morning girlie through + through!! I often have to physically restrain myself from responding to your texts before 8:00 AM!! And the only nights I'm not in bed by 9:00 PM? Your wedding night!! 


My husband + I looove to travel! Asking me to choose my favorite spot is rude BUT I can give you my top 5: Oahu, Bar Harbor (ME), Italy (Rome, Florence, + Amalfi), Zion National NP + Mt Rainier NP. We frequently travel for Matt's marathons + to see my family in Naples, FL + Charlotte, NC! Our next big trip? Either Ireland + London or....? We'll see! 


Sweet treats are my weakness + my expertise. I have strong opinions on what makes a great chocolate chip cookie. And I firmly believe that Beatrix has the best chocolate chip cookie in the city while Sweet Mandy Bs has the best sugar cookie. Speaking of - you should absolutely hire Sweet Mandy Bs for your sweets table!!  


Family over everything!!! My sisters are my best friends, my parents are a constant source of support, knowledge, + encouragement, and my grandparents shaped who I am today! I am aunt x4 (soon to be 5!) + I cannot be more excited to have my own little family someday (soon!!!)! 


If you see me driving in my car, dancing like a maniac, you can bet I'm listening to Taylor Swift. And, more specifically, Cruel Summer. (It's been my top streamed song since Lover debuted in 2019!!!) 


My favorite wedding day moments?! Hmm.... that's tough! I love all first looks: with your parents + grandparents, your wedding party, and your future spouse! +I love seeing you + your honey genuinely enjoy + cherish your day with each other + your people!!!

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