10+ Amazing Engagement Gifts

The weeks between Thanksgiving (sometimes Halloween!) and New Years Day are “engagement season” in the wedding world. If you’re here reading this post, you likely have a friend – or two! – who’ve recently gotten engaged. And, like the good friend you are, you’re searching high and low for amazing engagement gifts! Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

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10+ Amazing Engagement Gifts

Shopping for engagement gifts can be tough. And shopping for engagement gifts your friends will actually like might be even harder! While I am a fan of personalized gifts, I think those items really need to be thoughtful. Who needs another cheeseboard? Okay, let’s get into some of the amazing engagement gifts I’ve found for you!

the newlywed cookbook

Couples love a fun cookbook! I am personally partial to Cooking for Two and The Newlywed Cookbook. Or if your friend(s) love a particular food blogger – Gaby Dalkin! – try their cookbook. Bonus: cookbooks are often great kitchen-decor pieces!

golden retriever ring holder as an engagement gift

I am of the opinion that you can never have too many ring dishes! One by the bathroom sink(s), one near the kitchen sink – but not too close! – and one on your nightstand. I love this dog ring holder for all of your dog-loving friends! (You can also get a cat version!)

Special champagne flutes are such a fun, bubbly way to celebrate your newly-engaged friends! They can use your champagne flutes to celebrate their engagement, on their wedding night, and every anniversary and special moment thereafter! I am partial to Waterford (my grandma has so much!) but if that’s not in your budget, the Tiffany flutes are special, cost-effective way to gift your friends.

Stationery is a fun way to give a personalized gift if you must personalize! Custom thank you notes, a funky note pad, or a return address stamp for the many envelopes your friends will be addressing soon enough!

A few other favorites:

  • Artifact Uprising gift card: A friend of mine gifted this to me and my husband off of our wedding registry. We still need to put together our wedding album but albums are pricy! Gift cards help.
  • Give a group gift: a nice bottle of champagne will pair nicely with the champagne flutes you’ve selected!
  • A gift card to their favorite restaurant: wedding planning often means fewer date nights, why not gift them a night out?
  • A yummy smelling candle: I love Hotel Lobby brand candles. The company even sells Positano and Capri-inspired candles for your friends that got engaged or plan to marry or honeymoon in those locations! Other fun faves: Diptyque and Jo Malone.
  • Fun photo frames: I love this Mother of Pearl Frame from All She Wrote!

What’s your favorite engagement gift that you’ve given or received? Please share in the comments!!